Teerenpeli Distillery showroom

Teerenpeli Distillery was found in Lahti city center inside the restaurant Taivaanranta in 2002 when the manufacturing of Teerenpeli Single Malt whisky was started. The distillery is still working and produces small special batches of whisky and other distillery products.
In the basement of Taivaanranta restaurant you get to see the distillery, the whisky casks and get to know the history of the distillery. The authentic Scottish copper pot still distilleries and oak casks create an atmosphere you can not experience anywhere else. Free entrance to the showroom during restaurant opening hours.

To get to know the distillery and how the whisky manufacturing works you are welcome to book an hour long guided tour, which contains a whisky tasting.


25 € per person for under 10 people group
20 € per person for over 10 people group
(minimum of 100€ for 4 people)

You are able to attach the guided distillery tour to your dinner. Booking and for more information click the link below or contact us at taivaanranta.lahti@teerenpeli.com

Your own whisky cask?

You are able to buy your own whisky cask from the distillery. For more information, please contact Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery sales team: sales@teerenpeli.com

Book your own
guided tasting tour: taivaanranta.lahti@teerenpeli.com